Who are we?

If you’re not branding your business, you can be sure others will do it for you.

Industry Expertise:
Food | Automotive | Real Estate

OmniWon serves various clients on and between coasts. But we also operate and invest in our own car washes, car care shops, and restaurants. Our primary focus is to build and expand our client’s brand presence and reach. Then, we generate new leads to increase our client’s revenue through social media. Whether you’re a small business owner or an engineer, we will not only promote what you create, but we’ll also help it thrive in the world. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our support just for you.


Some of our Clients:

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Benjamin Yim
Managing Partner
(Ig: @benhyim)

From working at Deloitte to opening his agency, Benjamin has dedicated his time in serving several large and small clients all over the United States. His current and former clients range from a broad variety of industries including car washes, restaurants, coffee shops, real estate, banks, etc.

He currently serves as President of BENS Investments Group, a holding company, which owns multiple businesses including automotive care, restaurants, real estate, media, etc.

For over ten years, Ben has been sponsoring and volunteering with several nonprofit organizations. He is particularly passionate about children and their well-being. Through Compassion, he sponsors children living in dangerous areas of the world, and he works with Unicef to help end child trafficking.

Andrew Hoh
Partner, DC area

Andrew has worked with a variety of clients in multiple industries to help best position themselves in their chosen markets and find the right fit for customer satisfaction. He enjoys learning each of his client's story and is passionate about helping them grow. His background as a CPA also provides a technical view into his client's financials to identify improvements for revenue management and increasing bottom lines.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys skiing, traveling, cooking, and learning new languages. He is also an avid Virginia Tech fan (go Hokies!)




1. As an agency, we only acquire a limited number of clients to deliver value and results efficiently.

2. We only acquire clients that we admire and respect. Same goes for business practices. We are very selective in choosing our clients.

3. We only acquire businesses that we see a great deal of potential for growth.

4. There is no magical way to grow your business overnight. The process of analyzing a business's online presence, narrowing down the target audience, and selecting the best social media marketing strategy takes a significant amount of time. We will invest our time to plan and execute the best approach to grow your business and revenue.

5. We do not believe in longterm contracts. Discontinue anytime with a 30-day written notice.

OmniWon and its affiliates do not provide any legal, accounting, or tax advice.