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4 Brain Biases You Can Use To Influence Behavior

There are 4 brain biases we are often unaware of that influences our behavior. 



1. The Scarcity Effect - 1975 researchers wanted to test cookies in 2 identical glass jars. Everything being the same, people valued the ones in the near-empty jar more highly.

2. The Framing Effect - the mind takes shortcuts informed by our surroundings to make quick and sometimes erroneous judgments. (i.e. world-class violinist Joshua Bell decided to play a free impromptu concert in DC subway station. His music fell upon deaf ears. 

3. The Anchoring Effect - people often anchor to one piece of information when making a decision. The shirts on sale seem like a better deal even if the other shirts that are not on sale are the same price. 

4. The Endowed Progress Effect - the study demonstrates the endowed progress effect, a phenomenon that increases motivation as people believe they are nearing a goal. (i.e. car wash punch card)

If you utilize these 4 brain biases to your advantage, you may be able to hook customers to your product. Which one will you use? Which one have you already used? Let me know.