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4 Tips On Managing Ourselves from Peter Drucker


1. Concentrate your time and energy on your strengths - Put yourself only in situations that bring out your strengths. If you are good at starting things but never finish them then partner up with someone who likes to finish things.

2. Improve those strengths - Build skills and increase your knowledge in your areas of strength. If you are a naturally good networker than keep improving to become the world's best networker. Read books on networking, sales, marketing, psychometrics, and find a mentor who is a master networker. Commit to seeing your strengths as a sculpture that you continually refine. 

3. Overcome your disabling ignorance - Even though you need to specialize in your strengths you still need to have basic skills in a wide variety of areas.  

4. Fix bad habits and overlook true weaknesses - If your weakness is keeping you from advancing your strength, you need to overcome that. But remember that it's a way better use of your time to just increase mastery of your strengths. Charlie Munger says that the best thing to focus on is improving your good traits so much so that the world forgets about your little flaws, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies.