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What are the benefits of Text Marketing?

Text marketing is becoming an important digital marketing strategy by many business owners. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, mass text messaging is delivered immediately. This allows marketers or business owners to communicate with current and potential customers immediately. Since nearly 94% of people read the texts within 3 minutes of delivery, you can count on text marketing. 

  1. Save Time – sending text messages only takes a few minutes to send out. Very minimal preparation and templates needed.
  2. Save Money – utilizing text messages reduce the need for expensive design or template fees, etc.
  3. Optimize Results – tracking response rates is super easy to make your campaign a success.
  4. Customer Retention – keeping those customers interested to stay paying customers.

Here are some statistics you might want to check out: 

  • Over 94% of texts are opened within 3 minutes of delivery
  • Nearly 98% text messages are opened
  • 10x the response rates for print coupons
  • 70% of US consumers say they would like to receive deals via text

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