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Silver Coin's Kishore & Indian Food

Credit: Silver Coin

Credit: Silver Coin

3321 Lorna Road, Ste. 13
Hoover, AL

Today, I had a pleasure of speaking with Kishore, the co-owner of Silver Coin Indian Grill. Silver Coin is actually one of three restaurants owned by Kishore and Bharathi Kunder, the CEO of the company. Two restaurants are in Bombay (India) and one is here in Birmingham. Silver Coin is one of the hottest lunch spots in Birmingham area because of their consistently fresh, high-quality foods and its vegetarian-friendly option. As I was walking into the restaurant, it was busy as usual.  

Q: What motivates you to get up in the morning?  
A: I'm just happy to be here and I love meeting people - being around people keeps me going. Also, I do not like sitting around so I am always on the floor to talk to customers and see if they need anything. 

Q: Can you tell me about the most memorable customer?
A: There are too many but the most memorable customers are elderly people. Ever since my father had passed away last year, I try to bring foods to their tables and talk to them - by doing so, I feel that I'm honoring my father. 

Q: What is your vision in running your business?
A: I'd like to open another restaurant but it has been very challenging because the cook is very difficult to find. Chef Mohondass, who has been with me since 2006, is the key to Silver Coin's success and he cannot be in two places so it's tough. It's very difficult to get a work visa these days.

Q: How did you two meet?
A: He and I worked together since 1994 when both of us worked for Royal Carribean Cruise. 

Q: For new customers, what makes your business stand out among competitors?
A: Almost all Indian restaurants offer lunch buffet but I'm proud to use only the highest quality ingredients for my customers - as if they are my family. Rather than offering 10 different low-quality dishes for $7.99 buffet, we decided to go with quality over quantity. Also, we are the only Indian restaurant that has southern Indian dishes (i.e. dosa). It's very similar to crepes except we put some mashed potato-like topping on top. You should try some later.

Q: Is the business picking up, stagnant, or slowing down? And, why?
A: Fortunately, the business is picking up. I believe it's because the gas prices are down and it's the tax refund season so I see customers dining in more often.