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3 Steps to Create the Perfect Headline

Did you know that 60% of all people who read advertisements only read the headline? Thus, the words you begin with are critical for your ad’s success. Let's go over 3 step to create the perfect headline. 

1. Place the eye-opening headline that provides the biggest benefits at the top – think about what are the things that add value to your target audiences’ lives. The one thing they care about is: what will this product or service do for me? Consequently, benefits are the most convincing argument for your product, and you should definitely mention them first. For example, if the benefit of a Bentley Bentayga Mulliner is that it offers luxurious comfort in all climates, then this should go in the headlines. 

2. Figure out your target audience and address them. You may have the best product and offer the best service in the world, but if you are addressing the audience that has little to no interest, it won't sell. So make sure you communicate your offer to an audience that is actually interested in products or services. Imagine you own a chocolate shop and want to sell your new chocolate-covered strawberries. Instead of saying, “Come in and sample our chocolate-covered strawberries!” you should say something like, “Attention chocoholics: sink your teeth into our sweet strawberries dipped in smooth, mouth-watering milk chocolate – absolutely free!”

3. Use one of the magic words for your perfect opening headline. In order to grab your audience's attention right away, the headline needs to captivate their attention. Try using some of these magical words: “free,” “new,” “how” or “just released. For example: “FREE short webinar teaches how you can start creativing ads that practically force people to send you money!”